Masea communications management meeting a huge success

Some of the villagers who attended the communications management meeting at Masea villageSome of the villagers who attended the communications management meeting at Masea village

The Communication Manager of Musina Municipality, Mr Wilson Dzebu has urged community members to maximize the use of social media platforms of the municipality. Dzebu was speaking during the communications management meeting with villagers at Masea. Masea is one of the villages that was incorporated into Musina after the disestablishment of Mutale following the recent local government elections.

Dzebu said it was important to have the communications management meeting because the new villages must be familiar with how municipal communications operate. “Besides that, local people who have been incorporated to Musina only hear us representing them in various media platforms without knowing us physically. When you personally meet a person who represents you, it creates a sense of trust and unity. Meeting these people personally for the first time lays a good foundation for prosperous participatory communication system which benefits every member of the community.”

Dzebu says a good communicator changes with time, environment and trends of the target audience. “Since we have incorporated more villages, it will be very important for the municipality to consider communicating in indigenous languages as well in order to cover all our people. We have also started visiting tribal councils and traditional leaders trying to find ways on how they can help us to communicate effectively with their subjects.”

He encouraged community members to subscribe in the municipality’s bulk short message system to be able to get updates from time to time. “This is one of the most effective ways of communicating, especially to those who are not on social media because it saves time and the recipients get the information at their earliest convenience. We encourage those who are on social media to make use of our Facebook Page, WhatsApp groups and website. Besides that we also use promotional material like calendars, business cards and diaries to communicate the programmes and contacts of the municipality. Various media platforms, especially the local ones are used at all times because they are the ones closest to the people.” Said Dzebu in conclusion.

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