Face to face with municipal leadership

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope addresses community members during the Mayoral Imbizo at FolovhodweMayor Mihloti Muhlope addresses community members during the Mayoral Imbizo at Folovhodwe

Hundreds of community members converged at Folovhodwe Community Hall, near Muswodi, to meet the leadership of Musina Municipality for the first time since they were incorporated into Musina from the defunct Mutale. This was during the Mayoral Imbizo which was organized by the Musina Municipality. Folovhodwe falls under Ward 7 under the new demarcation of Musina Municipality.

During the imbizo, Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said the service delivery issues raised by the local community will be given priority as per the Integrated Development Plan of the municipality.

Mulope said it was important for the municipality to intensify its outreach programmes since there were changes in the municipal boundaries three months ago.  “This area was part of the disestablished Mutale Municipality before the recent local government elections. Local people should live with the reality that they now fall under Musina Municipality and we should all contribute to the development of our municipality under the new demarcated boundaries. Before the local government elections, Musina had 6 wards and 12 councilors. The fact that we now have 12 wards and 24 councilors is an indication that our municipality is growing rapidly.”

Muhlope said according to Statistics SA, Musina had 33 061 citizens in 1996. “In 2001, the number rose to 39 310. The 2011 figures shows that our population grew to 68 359. As I’m speaking now, our population is estimated at about 100 000. We are the only municipality in Vhembe District that recorded more that 5% growth in recent years. This is a clear indication that we are charged with more responsibilities to service more people to their satisfaction.”

She pleaded for cooperation from traditional leaders, community structures and local community members. “We urge you to attend government and municipal meetings so that you can be involved in the service delivery decisions that affect you.”

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