Villagers satisfied with service delivery

Cllr Fistos Mafela addresses community members during the community report back meeting.Cllr Fistos Mafela addresses community members during the community report back meeting.

Community members from Ward 8 of Musina Municipality were happy to note that Madimbo Sports Centre is now nearing completion. This was revealed by local ward councilor and Chief Whip of Musina Municipality, Fistos Mafela during the ward report back general meeting at Masea village.

The ward is comprised of villages which include Madimbo, Mabvete, Domboni, Tshiungani, Masea, Matshena and Nwanedi Farm.

Mafela said although much is still to be done, huge progress has been reported in terms of service delivery in Ward 8. “We have done our best to provide houses, electricity, water, jobs, scholar transport and other important services to our people. We will continue to work hard to make sure that everyone enjoys the fruits of our hard earned freedom.”

He continued: “We have noted that people in Ward 8 still need jobs, improvement of roads facilities, fencing of various graveyards in villages, improvement on health facilities, more houses and extension of electricity in new settlements. We will handle these challenges with all our capacity to make sure that they are resolved amicably.”

Mafela said according to legislation, he is supposed to hold community engagement and report back meetings every month. “Because you can see that this ward is vast, we will move to different villages to be able to accommodate everyone. It is important for every community member to attend these meetings to be able to have a voice in decision making processes of their wards. I am happy that we have a very good working relationship with the traditional leaders and community structures who are also helping us to implement service delivery initiatives with ease.”

The locals have praised Mafela for his dedication to community development and willingness to engage ordinary community members in the planning of municipality service delivery programmes. “We are happy that he is not sitting in the office and wait for us to bring complaints. He works directly with us in the ground to resolve the challenges. We need leaders who have the interests of community at heart.” Said Takalani Mutshekwa, who also formed part of the meeting.

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