Musina Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum launched

Some of the guests who attended the launch of the Musina Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum. Some of the guests who attended the launch of the Musina Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum.

“The Home Affairs Stakeholder forums have over the years been credited with mobilization of communities and has done a great job in relation to service delivery for the country and the people of South Africa.” These were the words of Cllr Rabelani Gadabeni during the launch of Musina Municipality Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum at the municipality’s Council Chambers. Gadabeni was representing Mayor Mihloti Muhlope who could not make it to the event due to other official engagements.

The event was attended by councilors from Musina Municipality, representatives from community structures, officials from sector departments and the private sector.

Gadabeni said the launch of the Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum in Musina is a giant step in accelerating service delivery. “As Musina Municipality, we are very happy that this stakeholder forum has been launched today. The Home Affairs Department has since 2009 embarked upon a campaign to build stakeholder forums and we have just added another chapter of the government’s countless achievements.”

He said the forum will undoubtedly advance the aims of the National Development Plan which has identified the task of improving the quality of public services as critical to achieving transformation, and has prioritized the need for the state to professionalize the public service and strengthen accountability. “Through this launch, we have indeed placed Musina on a platform for all to see the light and we are ready to lead for service excellence. The launch of this stakeholder forum is not an event however, it is a journey that we have undertaken to bring services closer to our people.”

Gadabeni assured invited guests that Musina Municipality will give full support to the forum to achieve all set goals. “As local government, we need various stakeholders to advance our obligation of efficient service delivery. Coming together with these stakeholders will help to identify issues that we need to tackle jointly as different spheres of government. I wish this forum well and I have no doubt that their existence will add value to efficient service delivery.”

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