New speed humps for Nancefield location

Municipal employees constructing speed humps in Nancefield locationMunicipal employees constructing speed humps in Nancefield location

Following the inputs by local communities during municipal public participation meetings, Musina Municipality has started the construction of new speed humps in Nancefield location. Local community members complained that some of the drivers were over speeding, which results in several accidents reported in their vicinity.

Municipal spokesperson, Wilson Dzebu said speed humps have been proven to reduce speed and make neighborhoods safer for children and adults. “As a municipality, we are obliged to choose from a number of traffic calming tools to encourage safe driving – one of which is the construction of speed humps.  These effects translate to fewer accidents where community members are much less likely to be struck by cars in neighborhoods where speed humps are erected.”

Dzebu said speed humps are highly effective at reducing speed without interrupting traffic flow. “They will be very useful in those areas because there are schools, shops and residences where community members walk every day. Drivers will be forced to slow down when they approach these speed humps. Lower speeds also decrease the noise of traffic and cause fewer collisions which improves traffic and pedestrian safety. Speed humps have the advantage of being largely self-enforcing and creating a visual impression that the area is not intended for speeding.”

Reckon Kaunda is one of the local community members who walks in the streets of Nancefield on daily basis. He said: “We really thank the municipality for coming to our rescue because the problem of over speeding was getting out of hand in this area. People, especially young children, have been knocked by cars several times and we have no doubt that this is the right step in curbing this problem. It is sad because some of our beloved community members lost their lives in these streets before the speed humps were constructed. This is what we call efficient service delivery as the municipality is swiftly responding to the needs of the people.”

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