Royal welcome for Mayor Muhlope

Headman Thivhilaeli Gilbert Mukununde joyfully welcomes Mayor Mihloti Muhlope upon her arrival at Mukununde villageHeadman Thivhilaeli Gilbert Mukununde joyfully welcomes Mayor Mihloti Muhlope upon her arrival at Mukununde village

After concluding her visits to the senior traditional leaders within Musina Municipality, Mayor Mihloti Muhlope has unfolded another programme of visiting village headmen to engage them on issues relating to service delivery.  The initiative kick started with the visit to headman Thivhilaeli Gilbert Mukununde at Mukununde village, outside Masisi. The Mayor was accompanied by councilors Rabelani Gadabeni and Titus Netshipale. Mukununde falls under ward 10 of Musina Municipality and it is one of the more than 50 villages that were incorporated into Musina following the new municipal dermcation. 

The Mayor told headman Mukununde that it is the aim of Musina Municipality to build a good working relationship with traditional leaders. She said it is important for politicians to visit their constituencies for fact finding missions rather than to be summoned by communities when there is something wrong. “I didn’t want to wait for the letter of invitation to be brought to my office to come and solve issues here. It is best for me to come here and familiarize myself with issues that concern the local communities and how those issues can be resolved.”

Muhlope said the municipality will continue to work with traditional leaders because politicians do not have land. “Most of the land here in Musina are under the authority of the traditional leaders and ours is to deliver services. It is very important that these two institutions should have a good working relationship to be able to deliver efficient services to the local communities.”

In response, headman Mukununde said he was humbled to receive the mayor at his royal palace. “We have observed a tendency in other areas where political leaders do not visit their constituencies. This is not happening in Musina and we thank God for giving us a visionary leader who cares about community development. I never thought throughout my life that I will one day host the Mayor here but it has happened very easily. We are also very happy to fall under Musina Municipality as we have been fighting to be there for many years.”

Mukununde urged the municipality to support the local community to promote their tourism potential. “My village is a major tourist attraction but we need knowledgeable people who will be able to turn things around. People from as far as the United States of America and Britain come here to see natural caves, wells and ancient archeological facilities and we want this village to be marketed throughout the world.”

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