Minister launches Musina Intermodal Terminal

Minister Rob Davies cuts the ribbon to mark the launch of the Musina Intermodal Terminal while other dignitaries are witnessing. Minister Rob Davies cuts the ribbon to mark the launch of the Musina Intermodal Terminal while other dignitaries are witnessing.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davis said the launch of the multi-million rand Musina Intermodal Terminal (MIT) is a stepping stone towards government’s realization and implementation of the Musina Special Economic Zone. The minster was addressing guests from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique during the official launch of the MIT at Musina.

The logistical hub, which was conceived through the partnership between Lionshare Holdings, Messina Associated Carriers, Citrus Growers Association, Barloworld, Transnet and Barberry Group, aims to reduce the transportation of cargo by roads while at the same time promoting the usage of rail.

Davis said government welcomes the launch and congratulated the partners for coming up with the long-awaited initiative instead of waiting for the government to take lead. “Today we are celebrating the private sector front runners in this project. As advocates for safe environment, we really welcome this initiative with open hearts because the intermodal solution is cost competitive and produces lower carbon emissions than road transport. We were reliably informed that this initiative will provide further benefits for mining ventures located in this area that need to store mining equipment until it is required by the mining operation. This is going to play a meaningful role in the development of our regional economy.”

He said the logistics hub is in line with government’s strategy of moving away from road to rail cargo delivery. “In addition, this initiative will result in reduced road damage and accidents, expedited border crossing and enhanced driver management as a result of the shorter road distances travelled.”

Meanwhile, the MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, Seaparo Sekoati said the provincial government is excited about the MIT launch as it will create an enabling environment for the transportation business. “This is bearing testimony that we are moving towards the right direction in the realization of the Limpopo Development Plan. It is good to see that the private sector is helping government in economic development initiatives.”

The member of the Executive Council of Musina Municipality, Cllr Jeremia Khunwana said: “As we aspire to be a city in the near future, it is important to have more efficient transport solutions that will lower logistics costs, contributes to economic growth, while simultaneously being a catalytic input to human development. The Intermodal transportation is actually one of the top five trends impacting the transportation industry today and we are happy to be counted among the first to have one here in Limpopo.”

The Chairman of Musina Intermodal Terminal, Dr Morley Nkosi thanked the support from partners, local, provincial and national government towards the realization of the MIT. “It would have been impossible for us as private sector to realize this dream without the support from our partners and government. Indeed, the initiative will bring new life into the regional logistics industry.”

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