Municipality engages with rural communities

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope addresses community members and representatives of stakeholders during the Mayoral Imbizo at Mukovhawabale villageMayor Mihloti Muhlope addresses community members and representatives of stakeholders during the Mayoral Imbizo at Mukovhawabale village

Water and power supply challenges, damaged roads and high unemployment rate were some of the major issues raised during the Musina Mayoral Imbizo that was held at Mokovhawabale village, near Muswodi.  Mukovhawable falls under Ward 11 of Musina Municipality and it is one of the villages that were inherited from the defunct Mutale Municipality.

The event served as part of deepening democracy and public participation in government decision-making processes where ordinary community members are given an opportunity to interact with their elected political representatives and administrators.

During the event, community members were also thrilled to receive government services at their doorstep. These include services from the Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (Coghsta), Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Department of Home Affairs, Department of Health, SASSA, Department of Communications, Road Accident Fund and the Department of Education.

Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope says the municipality uses Imbizos as a two-way platform of sharing information that demonstrates responsiveness to the needs of the people. “This is a basis for sustained dialogue between government and people and a mechanism for fact-finding by government to align services with the needs of the people. This assists us in realizing an efficient, effective development orientated public service and empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship through a well-functioning communication system that also proactively informs and engages the public about what the government is doing to improve their lives.”

She said the municipality used the event as a unique participatory platform given its ability to foster active participatory and meaningful dialogue between her council and communities. “It is important to demonstrate to our people that all three spheres of government work together to make sure that the much needed services are delivered to ordinary people in the streets. Government has introduced a variety of platforms in an effort to consolidate, monitor and respond swiftly to public concerns – and this is just one of them. The people have elected us and gave us the mandate to work for them and this is the opportunity to report back to them how far we have gone in addressing their needs.”

Mayor Muhlope, her councillors and administrators promised community members that all the issues raised will be attended to as a matter of urgency. 

Tshipise-Matatani access road upgrade

The upgrading of Tshipise-Matatani access road has brought joy to the communities of Ward 10 of Musina MunicipalityThe upgrading of Tshipise-Matatani access road has brought joy to the communities of Ward 10 of Musina Municipality

Johannes Ramalata is a taxi driver who operates between Tshipise and Matatani on daily basis. The rocky and bumpy condition of the road has been a cause of concern for Ramalata and other local community members within Ward 10 of Musina Municipality. Fortunately, these community members have started rejoicing after the Musina Municipality commissioned the upgrading of the 12km road between Tshipise and Matatani.

“We really welcome this project with open hands because we have been waiting for many years. Despite prolonging the lifespan of our vehicles, it will make our lives easier as we will be able to move from one place to another easily. Indeed, our government is delivering and taking our needs into consideration. This makes us very happy and thankful.” Said Ramalata.

Municipal spokesperson, Wilson Dzebu said the municipality has secured a total of R7,8million from the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) to fund the long awaited project. “Local community members, visitors and tourists have raised concerns about the bad condition of this road for some time. We advised villagers to put the road project as one of their priorities in the municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP) so that it can be funded as soon as the money is available.”

Dzebu said the scope of work include ground levelling, re-gravelling, the construction of a bridge and several culverts. “This is a great step in advancing mobility, tourism and bettering the lives of the local communities. This is one of the busiest roads in Ward 10 and it needs to be taken care of so that service delivery can be accessed with ease. Despite all this, the project has created job opportunities for local people who had been unemployed before. They will also be empowered with the skills they will use to provide for themselves after the completion of the project.”

Musina Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum launched

Some of the guests who attended the launch of the Musina Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum. Some of the guests who attended the launch of the Musina Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum.

“The Home Affairs Stakeholder forums have over the years been credited with mobilization of communities and has done a great job in relation to service delivery for the country and the people of South Africa.” These were the words of Cllr Rabelani Gadabeni during the launch of Musina Municipality Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum at the municipality’s Council Chambers. Gadabeni was representing Mayor Mihloti Muhlope who could not make it to the event due to other official engagements.

The event was attended by councilors from Musina Municipality, representatives from community structures, officials from sector departments and the private sector.

Gadabeni said the launch of the Home Affairs Stakeholder Forum in Musina is a giant step in accelerating service delivery. “As Musina Municipality, we are very happy that this stakeholder forum has been launched today. The Home Affairs Department has since 2009 embarked upon a campaign to build stakeholder forums and we have just added another chapter of the government’s countless achievements.”

He said the forum will undoubtedly advance the aims of the National Development Plan which has identified the task of improving the quality of public services as critical to achieving transformation, and has prioritized the need for the state to professionalize the public service and strengthen accountability. “Through this launch, we have indeed placed Musina on a platform for all to see the light and we are ready to lead for service excellence. The launch of this stakeholder forum is not an event however, it is a journey that we have undertaken to bring services closer to our people.”

Gadabeni assured invited guests that Musina Municipality will give full support to the forum to achieve all set goals. “As local government, we need various stakeholders to advance our obligation of efficient service delivery. Coming together with these stakeholders will help to identify issues that we need to tackle jointly as different spheres of government. I wish this forum well and I have no doubt that their existence will add value to efficient service delivery.”

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