More jobs for residents as Musina Mall opens

The new Musina Mall will enhance economic development in the border townThe new Musina Mall will enhance economic development in the border town

(Story: Courtesy of Zoutnet)

The mayor of the Musina Local Municipality, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope said the opening of the new R320 million Musina Mall will not only create many jobs, but also stimulate economic development.

She recently officiated during the official opening of the mall and emphasized that the town has been declared one of the provincial growth points and a special economic zone by the national government. The new mall now stretches over 34 000 square metres with an additional 99 retail outlets. There are also new banks at the mall.

The event was attended by officials from the municipality, business representatives, the Moolman Group (owners), Investec Property Fund and many community members.

Officially opening the new mall, Cllr Muhlope said the event has stirred a lot of excitement and the prospect of creating jobs was seen as being a priority. “During the construction period, the mall project created approximately 500 job opportunities to the formally unemployed local community members,” she said. She added that an additional 630 jobs have been created to the locals who will be working at the mall.

She said that the mall is situated close by and that residents will no longer have to travel long distances to far-away towns. “They can walk from the township to the mall for an exciting shopping experience,” she added.

Muhlope further commended the construction team for keeping and meeting their deadline. Investec Property Fund CEO, Mr Nick Riley said they are humbled to be part of the development taking place in Musina. “So much has been achieved since we first opened here in 2010. It is a huge credit for Musina and Limpopo to attract economic investment in this growing metropolitan and to acquire support for economic initiatives such as this mall,” he said.

The local community and residents from the neighbouring farms took advantage of low opening specials at the new mall. “This is really good for our community. We are happy that our municipality brought everything to our doorstep,” said a local resident, Ms Mavis Kabanda.

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