Caring councilor donates money to local Gamboots group

Cllr Prince Sakala (left) hands over the cash to the founder and manager of Musina BBG Gumboots Group, Sgwelo Malatjie. Cllr Prince Sakala (left) hands over the cash to the founder and manager of Musina BBG Gumboots Group, Sgwelo Malatjie.

To the Musina BBG Gumboots Group, it was just another entertaining performance. But for Cllr Prince Sakala of Musina Municipality, it was a touching acrobatic act that needed to be compensated immediately. Without thinking twice, Sakala popped out R500.00 cash from his pocket and donated it to the group on the spot! 

“I was really touched by their sterling performance. Their unique style of performance and dedication really touched my heart. I wanted to use the cash for something else but I could not resist the temptation of giving it all out for these beautiful kids.” Said Sakala when handing over the cash.

A retired educator, Sakala said it is encouraging to see young kids taking part in extra-mural activities than involving themselves in crime.  “I challenge other community leaders and business people to support these kids because what they are doing is good. Besides keeping themselves busy, the dance moves are part of physical exercise which keeps them fit and healthy. I issue a strong warning to other kids who involve themselves in crime to stop and concentrate on something that build their lives. I am happy to note that all members of this group are doing well at school and they do their practices after school. Education should never be compromised because it provides our country with light.”

Sgwelo Malatjie is the founder and manager of Musina BBG Gamboots Group. When receiving the cash, he said it is encouraging to note that there are community leaders who take the needs of young people seriously. “To us, it was just an ordinary performance not expecting anything in return. This donation has ignited our interest and we are encouraged to do more to entertain our people.”

He said to some, the R500.00 can be perceived as a very small amount but to them who have lots of challenges on daily basis, is a huge amount of money. “The money came at the right time because we still need a lot of things in our club. We thank Cllr Sakala for his generosity and we hope that his actions will encourage other community leaders to follow suite. Thank you Cllr Sakala once more.”  

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