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In accordance with the provisions of section 166 of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act(No. 56 of 2003), each municipality is required to have an audit committee that will serve as an independent advisory body which will advise the Municipal Council, the Accounting Officer and the management of the municipality.
The local municipality requires 4(four) members from the public who meet the basic requirement listed below to be appointed to serve on the audit committee for a period of 3 (three) years.

• Expertise in either of the following:
 Financial management, Accounting and Auditing
 Performance Management
 Risk Management
 Legal
• Proven experience in serving as an audit committee member in local government institution
• Interest in local community affairs and the ability to contribute to transparent administration and good governance.
• Sound knowledge and understanding of local government issues and national development imperatives.
• Possess the following qualities:
 Independence
 Integrity
 Objectivity
 Excellent communication skills
 Willingness to dedicate time and vigour to Council responsibilities


Persons who are eminently qualified will be expected to render amongst others advisory services in the following areas:
• Internal Audit
• Risk Management
• Performance Management
• Internal Controls
• Accounting Policies
• Effective Governance
• Review of annual financial statements
• Respond to Auditor General Report
• Adequacy, reliability and accuracy of financial reporting and information


Members who are appointed will be remunerated for attending meetings in accordance with the prescripts and guidelines of the National Treasury.


The closing date for submission is 11th JUNE 2021.

Municipal Manager
Notice No 12 /2021

Tel.: 015 534 6100

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